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Duct & Extraction Cleaning

Duct & Extraction Cleaning

Our Technician Bernie and his team have done another great job cleaning an extraction system in one of our local Fish & Chip Shops.

Many Insurers are now introducing the requirement for food outlets to have their extraction systems cleaned on, at least, an annual basis. (Can be more dependening on usage).


We have been providing a chain of well known Fish & Chip shops and other establishments with this service for some time. And the results, well they speak for themselves.

When the clean has been completed we will issue the proprietor with a Certificate of cleanliness and an assurance that we will contact them when the next due date is for the next clean.

This gives both the customer and their insurers peace of mind that there is not a potentially dangerous build up of grease or anything else stuck in the extraction system. Our staff can also make recommendations on damaged systems in order that they can be repaired timeously saving the owners money in lost revenue if inspected by their local Environmental Health Department.

Regular cleans also help to keep the costs down as when cleaned on a regular basis, there is less work for the technician to undertake. A win win situation.

We can also undertake Deep Cleaning to the kitchen area if required.  A discounted rate would be offered if both services were being arranged at the same time.

Any establishment with a extraction system can benefit from this service, not just food outlets. If, for example your company has an air extraction system, this should also be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

If you would like a FREE quote for Duct or Extraction system, please call 0141 889 6958 email me on [email protected].