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Flooding Fires & Disasters All In A Days Work

Flooding Fires & Disasters All In A Days Work

There has been Flooding Fires and various disasters to deal with in the last exciting year, and I wanted to share our journey with you…

It all started on 30th November last year when we bought over the franchise located in Greenock.  In an attempt to open a satellite office in an accessible area we secured a premises in Paisley.  Our existing staff welcomed their new colleagues into the team and then  came the floods…in Carlisle, Burnley, Lancaster then Aberdeen and it was all go.

Everyone mucked in well together and we helped numerous families and businesses affected by flooding in all these areas.

Our experience working in surge situations like this stood us in good stead during the following weeks and months, arranging local services for customers such as electricians, builders, joiners, etc.

Our Technicians and support staff had to work in very difficult conditions during freezing temperatures in the affected properties, often without heating or water.

Our Claims Handlers had the difficult job of making sure all customers had appointments, knew what position their claim was at, as well as liaising with insurers loss adjusters etc. At the height of the surge we had in excess of 200 ongoing claims.

Some of the houses we dealt with had suffered water which almost reached the ceiling height in their front rooms, hard to imagine this is possible but it was very real and very frightening for the people living there.  With only a few weeks until Christmas it was even more harrowing. We were attending properties where the Christmas trees and gifts had been floating around the property and were now totally destroyed.

The army were also working hard trying to help people and driving up the streets would feel what we can only imagine a war zone is like, Pavements were full of peoples treasured possessions, it was heartbreaking to see.

to be continued….