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Fire Damage Cleaning & Restoration Services & Advice

Fire Damage Cleaning & Restoration Services & Advice

Fire can cause devastating damage to properties and contents therefore its imperative that fast action is taken when you have suffered a fire at your property.

Soot particles attach themselves to just about everything and only specialist chemicals with the correct application can clean items affected.

We have helped lots of people who have suffered fires in their homes and businesses.

When the Technician arrives at the property, they will walk around the property and assess the damage. They will take pictures of all the damage to both the buildings and any contents which have been affected.  They will make a decision on what, if anything can be salvaged.

The Technician will then prepare a report for the customer or their insurer (if they are paying the bill). The pictures and report will be sent off with a list of recommendations on what is required to get the property back to its pre-fire condition.  Once authorisation has been granted by the bill payer, the administrators will arrange a team of staff to attend the property and begin the clean-up.

Any items deemed beyond repair will be listed so that the customer can ask for reimbursement from their insurers, this is normally completed on our inventory list.

Any items deemed salvageable, will be cleaned by our technicians either while onsite or back at our premises.

The cleaning staff will start cleaning the buildings, eg ceilings, walls, built-in cupboards etc. They use special chemicals and equipment which helps to remove the soot particles.  This then ensures the surfaces are ready for redecoration when all other works are completed.

They will list any affected clothing and laundry and if authorised this will be removed to our laundry facility to be cleaned, pressed and returned to the customer when ready.

Any items deemed unrestorable will be removed to the local landfill site by the Technicians to save the customer doing this themselves.

Often people who have suffered a fire will need to move out of the property to enable all the above work to be completed. We also provide a storage facility for contents that need to be removed to allow reinstatement works.

Most people don’t realise that quite often when the fire service have attended a property to extinguish a fire, they will also cause water damage to the property in the process.   Our Technicians will take readings to ascertain if there has been any water damage to the building, and if required, they will install a drying regime to allow the property to dry effectively.

IF you need help following a fire at your property or even just advice, call 0141 889 6958 or visit our service pages on our website for more information on what to do to recover from a fire.

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