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Fire Damage Cleaning

Fire Damage Cleaning

Our Technician Bernie and his team were called out to a property which had suffered smoke damage in the common stairwell following a fire.

As you can see from the video, the ceiling, walls, doors and the floor were badly smoke damaged.  The smell of smoke was very strong and the tennants were desperate to get back to normal.



Bernie and his team arrived on site and assessed the damage, he knew by experience, he could make significant improvements to the area using our specialist chemicals and equipment.

Before starting work Bernie installed our Airstorm machine. This machine helps to clean the air while the staff are working. Without getting too technical, it takes the soot in, traps it in a triple filter system. Removing it from the air in the property.

The team donned their overalls and PPE and started cleaning the soot from the ceiling and worked their way down to the floor. The results speak for themselves as you see in the after clean video below.




They used our special chemical sponges to wash down the ceiling, walls and doors. This helped remove the soot and the chemicals helped eradicate the smell.


The customer and tenants were delighted with the work completed. They were able to use the communal stairwell without suffering from the smell of lingering smoke.


if your home or business has suffered from fire or smoke damage give us a call on 0141 889 6958 or ask your insurer to refer you directly to Rainbow International Glasgow-West.

You can also see some case studies showing other examples of successful fire restoration jobs we have done.