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From Campbeltown To Thurso & Achnasheen To Fort Augustus

From Campbeltown To Thurso & Achnasheen To Fort Augustus

Only 10 sleeps to go and already Rainbow Glasgow (W) diary is filling up.

Customers are calling looking for Carpet & Upholstery cleans, to have their contents returned, for Deep and Sparkle cleans in preparation for Christmas.

The team are, as always, working their socks off trying to fit everyone in before the festive season.  This week we have had teams in Campbeltown, Achnasheen, Thurso and Fort Augustus. Technicians and support staff having to work away from home all week this week in order to get the jobs completed.

Campbeltown is the most southern point in our area.  For those of you who are not familiar with this part of the country, it is the main town on the Kintyre Peninsula.  Surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and stunning scenery especially around the Mull of Kintyre, made famous by the song by Sir Paul McCartney.  Great if you are a tourist but not really the same journey when your going to work.  The roads between Glasgow and Campbeltown are not the best, often bendy roads with no opportunity to pass the lorries, tractors and other slow moving vehicles.  It does give you the chance to look at the rugged coastline and if its a clear day you can see Ireland across the water.  However, sometimes getting there is a challenge in itself. The team will be staying here for two nights in order to further assist a customer who experienced a burst pipe in his loft causing major damage to his property and contents. When we attended last week the customer advised that he now understands why we are a restoration company, he was delighted with the work our Senior Technician Francis and his assistant David undertook at the property, so much so he called his insurers and advised them about how happy he was with the service.

The next team have been busy working in property in Achnasheen which suffered major water damage earlier this year and as the building work had been completed, there was a need for a deep clean to allow the customer to return home.  Our staff attended for 4 full days due to the size of the property.

Achnasheen is a very remote part of the area we cover.  The scenery again, stunning.  The roads again prove challenging for staff especially in the poor weather.  Thankfully the weather has been kind of late allowing for an easier commute.


The Team in Thurso are dealing with a couple of different type cleans, one is a needle sweep in an abandoned property and the other is a house clearance (more about that one later)

Finally the Technician working in Fort Augustus is meeting to discuss a very special property with a Surveyor and representative from Historic Scotland in order that the property is dealt with in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the rules and regulations for such properties.

We have already undertook emergency restoration and cleaning work on this property recently but there are other specialised works required which we hope to assist with.  More on this story at a later date