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Service: House Clearances

Service: House Clearances

House Clearances is a service where our fantastic team excel.  The pictures below can only go so far in demonstrating the hard work involved in these jobs, you will need to use your imagination for the rest.

Lounge Before house clearanceToilet Before house clearanceKitchen Before house clearance

You may have watched some of the shows on TV where you see some properties which have been abandoned or abused by tenants and the landlords and/or workmen refuse to go into them as they are in such a poor condition. Well our staff go into similar properties on a regular basis.  They clear up, dispose of any unwanted or un-restorable items  and take great pride in leaving the property in a far better condition than they found it.

Sadly there are many reasons why people allow their homes to fall into a poor state, mental health, addiction, etc are only a few but the good news  is that there is not a property which cannot be cleaned and restored to its former glory.

Landlords and tradesmen quite rightly call on the experts to undertake cleaning tasks such as these. Our special chemicals are used to eradicate bacteria and make safe the areas for working in.

We provide this service for landlords, local authorities, Social Work Departments, and the general public who may need support to help a family member.

The results of these jobs never cease to amaze me.  Our staff do an amazing job in often very difficult conditions.

Kitchen after house clearanceLounge after house clearanceToilet after house clearance

If you would like a FREE quotation for house clearance, please call us on 0141 889 6958 with basic details and, where possible, we will call out for free to have a look and give you a quote.

Our prices are competitive and our service standards are high.