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Service: Power Washing

Service: Power Washing

Today I want to demonstrate how power washing, by an experienced operative, can remove even the most stubborn marks on various surfaces.

Two of our staff recently attended a property which had suffered bad staining around the downpipe due to prolonged exposure to water.  You can see from the pictures below, It was unsightly and the tenants were, quite rightly, fed up with the blot on their building.


Before Clean Pic

We attended previously to undertake a “test clean” which enabled staff to ensure that the stains could be removed and also to provide the customer with a report of our findings and recommendations as well as a quotation for the works required.

The customer was happy with the quotation and asked us to proceed with the works as per our report.

You will see on the video that the staining has reached the full height of the building around the pipe.

Our Technicians are fully trained on the use of portable scaffolding and erected the tower in order to reach the affected areas.

The technicians erected the tower and began the process of removing the stains with the power washer.

You will see from the pictures below, the results were amazing. The stains have been significantly removed and I am sure the tenants will be happy with the results of the work completed.

After Power Washing PicAfter Power Washing Pic2


If you would like a FREE quotation or advice on any power washing requirements you have, please call 0141 889 6958 and we will be happy to help.