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Advance Drying Training Day

Advance Drying Training Day

Some of our Technicians attended a training session today on Advanced Drying with our friend David Hill from Corroventa.

David came up to Glasgow especially in order to deliver the training in person and ensure the technicians could get the answers to any questions they may have once they have seen the equipment in action

Some of our technicians have worked with this equipment before and had encouraged us to purchase some in order to help our customers affected by water damage, to have their properties dried in the fastest time possible.  Due to other investments we have made in our business, we were unable to do this until now.  We have been assured that the results will be amazing….watch this space.

Our technicians already made the best use of our equipment and regularly undertake target drying like you can see in the picture below


Target Drying

Target Drying

David also trained our staff on the use of remote monitoring systems which are becoming very popular throughout the restoration industry.

Basically this is a system where we can monitor the performance of the drying equipment from the comfort of our office/home in order to check how the drying is coming along without the need for a long distance travel to the property.  I’m assured that this system is not difficult to use and staff can also change the heat generated in the property, the output of the equipment as well as get readings from the probes attached to the wet areas.

This is something we have always discounted in the Highlands region due to poor telephone signal, however we have been assured that the newer and updated models are very sophisticated and carry several sim cards.  David very kindly loaned us one to trial before we make a decision on this fantastic piece of equipment.


Remote Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring System


We are certain that should this work, we can save our business and insurance companies money on visits, especially when the properties are in remote areas, islands etc….more on this on a later date.