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Storm Doris Damage Cleaning & Restoration Service

Storm Doris Damage Cleaning & Restoration Service

Storm Doris has arrived as predicted and has caused havoc across the country.  We have heard reports of winds up to 94mph in some places which is bound to be causing structural damage to homes and businesses throughout the country.

Our Team are no strangers to storm damaged properties.  Thankfully they are prepared for helping anyone who has suffered storm damage to their property.

Our teams are strategically placed throughout the country to ensure the quickest response is achieved.

We have worked on properties damaged by water,  fire and even sandstorms believe it or not.

Each property, as you can imagine, is different in how it is affected and how it is treated by our experienced technicians and support staff.  However, quick action from anyone affected is crucial to ensuring loss is minimised.

Secondary damage can quickly affect buildings and contents if fast action is not taken to remediate the damage caused by storms, floods or fires. That’s where a reputable restoration company like Rainbow can advise and assist.

Our technicians can take care of your valuable and often irreplaceable contents.  We can clean, pack and store them for you while you are having the property repaired if they need to be taken away.  We will store them in our secure storage facility until you are ready to have them returned.

An example of this is when a property has suffered water damage in one room and the next rooms appear to be unaffected.  Without fast action to stabilise the property, damp conditions will soon take their toll on the other rooms in the property.  Often dampness and mould will start to appear elsewhere and remediation works will be required on the areas initially unaffected.

If your property has been damaged by Storm Doris, you can ask your insurer to refer you directly to Rainbow Glasgow (W) or call us for advice or a FREE quotation today 0141 889 6958